alcohol videos for middle school students

Why would these appeal to young people? Children need to be educated about tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs in order to make safe decisions. Discussion will follow the presentations as to the targeted age group and messages the media attempts to portray. Students will then redo their captions with alcohol facts mentioned in the video, but not intimated in the advertising. Videos explore the effects of drugs on the brain and body. We issue Creative Commons licenses, and we do not share our members' private data with anyone.

A speaker specializing in marketing and advertising techniques could address the class, giving students the opportunity to ask questions. In groups, students research topics about alcohol use and the alcohol industry and create their own parody ads that deliver "the truth" about drinking. Get the latest information from CDC ( | NIH Resources | NIDA Resources. wine, beer, liquor, wine coolers, etc.). Score student work as a combination of group and individual assessment, according to the following 100 point scale: These are established by McREL at,,, To gain media literacy by understanding how and why alcohol advertisers target young people, To understand the "real" message in alcohol advertising, To undestand the realities of alcohol abuse, Examples of various print alcohol advertising. This film will make viewers think about the consequences of their drug and alcohol use and is a good starting point for discussions about addiction with middle and high school students. Following the video, students will get into groups by partnering with someone whose first name begins with the same first initial as theirs. All Videos. Which TV, radio, and print alcohol advertising campaigns do you remember best, perhaps even talk about the most? - Mary Grace Flaherty, Sidney Memorial Public Library, NY Prescription Drug Video NIDA: Which drugs can addict? Coping with Addiction during COVID-19. Opioid Use and Drug Safety during COVID-19. Student collages could be displayed throughout the school or community, particularly during an Alcohol Awareness Week. Objectives Lifecycle of a Question. III. VI.

V. Classroom Assessment How Naloxone Saves Lives in Opioid Overdose, Animated Infographic: Monitoring the Future 2018 Survey Results, Dr. Compton Discusses Half of Opioid-Related Overdose Deaths Involve Fentanyl, Animated Infographic: Monitoring the Future 2017 Survey Results, Addiction Science Fair Winners: Nkima Stephenson, The Human Brain: Major Structures and Functions, The Reward Circuit: How the Brain Responds to Natural Rewards and Drugs, The Reward Circuit: How the Brain Responds to Cocaine, The Reward Circuit: How the Brain Responds to Methamphetamine, The Reward Circuit: How the Brain Responds to Marijuana. Instruct students to complete a collage of their alcohol ads and to caption their ads with what they believe to be the "real message" portrayed. The instructor will assign each couple a number. Share My Lesson is a destination for educators who dedicate their time and professional expertise to provide the best education for students everywhere. Extensions and Adaptations Share My Lesson is a destination for educators who dedicate their time and professional expertise to provide the best education for students everywhere. NIDA Painkillers: Get Back in the Game---Use Painkillers Safely. Homework the night before the project will be for each student to bring in at least 4 alcohol print ads.

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