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This type of dog was in danger of extinction until a small group of Southerners in 1979 in an attempt to rescue the Old Tymey Plantation Bulldog of the South founded the ABBA giving it the aforementioned name and dedicating them to preserving this exceptional type … Phone: 218-467-3309, Touch of Grace Rare Breed Rescue Positive reinforcements and praises in training should make your pet more responsive and successful in its endeavors.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'americanbullydaily_com-banner-1','ezslot_6',117,'0','0'])); Socialization goes hand in hand with training and is also necessary. Once you have your own Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog treats, toys, meals and play for successfully doing your commands as well as training exercises. Animal Rescue Fundraising Club (ARF) World Wide Kennel Club, Ltd. (WWKC) Dog Registry of America, Inc (DRA) The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog price is between $800 – $1200. These rescues for Bulldog breeds may have Alapaha’s available. Please do yourself and this breed a favour and do some research and ask questions. 7,5 K J’aime.

This will all depend on the breeder, but that is the average cost. This breed also gets along with children, but you or any adult may have to oversee any interactions between them. Asylum Angel Bulldogs Copyright 2015. Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog France. There Alapaha dog attacks highlight the necessity of strictly breeding the dog right and buying from breeders that have legitimate credentials. A breeder will welcome any question concerning the pup’s personality, health, history, etc. Most breeders only have one litter per years, and sometimes there are long waiting lists so make sure you are contacting someone to let them know you are interested.

They make sure every puppy has been DNA tested that way you know you are getting an authentic Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. Other causes of congenital deafness are not genetic. The Lane family maintained the Alapaha breeding program for more than a century and thanks to their efforts, the dog survived and is now a family pet. I live in Philly my name is Terry & I’m looking for 1of these dogs for my home. The ABBA is also the only Alapaha registry making it mandatory to DNA profile all dogs prior to allowing registration. Some people think that the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog existed for 200 years in the United States, but there is no record or documentation of the canine before 1979. I could... Read more about this listing, Had a wonderful experience purchasing from the B2B, Highly recommend to anyone looking to add to the... Read more about this listing, Just purchased my 1st alpaha from Ken. I visit him all the time & miss him more than my wife. You can volunteer to foster by completing our volunteer application (link at the top). American Bulldog Rescue covers all of the vetting etc. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Rescue Since this is a rare dog breed, it may be difficult to find an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog rescue. In addition to these health issues above, dogs can also suffer from allergies due to food (especially food that is not suitable for dogs), environmental allergens or fleas. Browse thru thousands of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Dogs for Adoption near in USA area , listed by Dog Rescue Organizations and individuals, to find your match.

Still, you need to know the various problems that can affect your pet so that you can prepare and deal with them. This kennel started out reading Pitbull’s back in 1987 and continued to breed them for 15 years. Outdoor activities are alternatives to Alapaha owners who don’t have a backyard with a fence. mount morris MI 48458

All About the English Bulldog Pug Mix aka the Bull-Pug or Miniature Bulldog. Using his favorite dog Otto (thus giving an alternate name to the canine breed) Buck Lane began a breeding program that resulted in several generations of dogs in which some took up the name Otto. The price tag is high no doubt about it, but it is more or less an indication that the puppy is legit and high-quality. Sorry, no records were found. Bulldog Rescue Network Bulldogs World; Australian Bulldog Rescue; Bulldog Rescue & Rehoming Trust Is an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Right For Me? kim knapp

Don’t forget to leash your dog first before going out. The ABBA is a group of people who love the Alapaha breed and as such, we understand that by helping new Alapaha owners, we help the breed in doing so.

We are a small family based Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog breeder located in Ontario Canada.

GO ABBA NO DOGS USED OR SOLD FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES!!! This will all depend on your dog or the breeder’s female dog. 1 talking about this. WhipStaff Ranch and Rescue At.

Incredibly helpful and full of knowledge on how to care for the bread. Solway MN 56678 I called him and he really educated me on this breed. Leonardo NJ 07737

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog breed has an athletic look with a medium-sized, form. Hip Dysplasia – A type of skeletal-related disease that is a common health issue in dogs. You can find their site here: Admittedly, the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog‘s size and looks coupled with its powerful-looking jaw look intimidating. Due to the breed’s origin as a working canine, the Alapaha is dutiful, obedient, loyal and protective of its home as well as family. Our puppies are all raised in our home around children and other dogs. Get answers fast! You will also want to consider the price into your consideration and the availability of puppies. If you are interested in this canine and would like to know more about its history, traits, and health, then read the article below. The dog’s attachment to you and your family is strong indeed and in fact if you leave the canine alone for long periods of time it will suffer from separation anxiety. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to available to you.

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