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After successfully deactivating the bombs, he then saw Skye enter a chamber and followed her in just as the door closed behind them in hopes of assisting and saving her, trapping them inside along with Raina, who had stolen the Diviner. Simmons vouched for Triplett because of the loyalty he showed to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Coulson and Garrett managed to stop the fight after they made an arrangement that Coulson could keep Quinn on the Bus until Agent Skye could be saved. When the team returns with the GH-325 serum and it is injected into Skye. [11], When the field agents went to Morocco to apprehend Blizzard, Triplett stayed by Coulson's side aboard the Bus as its pilot.


Citizenship Good agent, whom both Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons expressed great joy in being able to see again, although this version of Triplett did not know them. [5], Triplett with Jemma Simmons inside the Hub. In "Nothing Personal", after the team lands at Providence, they do not find Skye, Ward, or May. As part of the plan to see if the Index reject Elijah Fordham was the Clairvoyant, Triplett was randomly partnered with Grant Ward. After Skye was rescued, he assured to her his loyalty to Agent Coulson.[6]. Just then Skye discovers the dead body of Erik Koenig and Fitz a message saying "Ward is HYDRA". Not wanting to be treated differently because of his heritage, Triplett decided to keep it to himself. Actors/Actresses After the prisoners, including Marcus Daniels, being held at the Fridge are released in "The Only Light in the Darkness", Coulson wants to take a team to protect Audrey Nathan who he believes to be Daniels' target. When they arrive, the group of agents is surrounded by super-soldiers. Upon being told not to trust anyone, Triplett proved to Simmons his loyalty to S.H.I.E.L.D. Antoine Triplett As Zabo stitched up Triplett's wound, he revealed he was only there because he wanted to speak with Coulson personally, to ensure Coulson didn't arrest him, he severed one of Triplett's veins. Seeing this, Skye started to cry and an earthquake began.

However Triplett soon discovered that Garrett was in fact a traitor and a part of HYDRA during the HYDRA Uprising, working as the terrorist known as the Clairvoyant who had killed several of Triplett's friends. The team managed to drive Creel away. When they returned to the Bus with the wounded agent, the satellite was able to locate the city.

Triplett passed the test, earning him Koenig and Coulson's trust. Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Skye, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Grant Ward (formerly), Alphonso Mackenzie, Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter, John Garrett (formerly), Maria Hill, Victoria Hand, Felix Blake, Jasper Sitwell, Deathlok Some, like Phil Coulson, felt it was a noble sacrifice. Allies : 2.08: The Things We Bury, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. [12], Triplett piloted the Quinjet to retrieve Jemma Simmons and Bobbi Morse as they escaped from their undercover assignments in the HYDRA Laboratories after being discovered. Triplett then went through Agent Koenig's test, during the questioning Koenig asked why Triplett didn't mention his Grandfather, who was a Howling Commando, Triplett claimed he wanted to make it as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents there, Triplett joined Coulson's team on the Bus to escape. She told them that Skye and Coulson were inside; Triplett, without considering his own safety, immediately ran back to the city to deactivate the bombs and save his teammates. agent in the United States of America was informed about Michael Peterson, and Agent John Garrett and his team were appointed as running point in his search.[3]. When given an order to apprehend Grant Ward, though Melinda May was mission commander, Triplett conferred with Coulson as to his course of action. She divulges that the he died and has not seen him since. Hill spoke to Ward and distracted him long enough for Phil Coulson to climb sneak aboard.

Other names Character information To be added When given an order to apprehend Grant Ward, though Melinda May was mission commander, Triplett conferred with Coulson as to his course of action. When the Diviner activated, it split open and blue crystals began to emerge from within. The team spent some time looking through the gadgets, Coulson in particular taking special interest due to his love of old school gadgets. [11], After Creel was found, Triplett was assigned as a sniper. Triplett and the rest of Coulson's team, who defeated the soldiers at the new destroyed headquarters went to a new Cybertek Manufacturing Facility in order to apprehend John Garrett. As everyone discussed the different occurrences, Triplett retrieved explosives that were once used by the Howling Commandos to destroy the Kree City. When Triplett arrived at The Bus, Garrett introduced him to Agent Phil Coulson, claiming that although he didn't look like much, he was one of S.H.I.E.L.D. Portrayed by There, Triplett stayed with Phil Coulson providing distraction until they obtained a Humvee which they used to make a hole in the wall for Skye and Melinda May to enter and defeat Grant Ward and free Cybertek's hostages. The senior agents had a hard time dealing with the death of Triplett. For expedience, the three separated to set the explosives in the four corners of the city. A little while after they arrived, Grant Ward also arrived, who had been away delivering Garrett off at the Fridge. He went with Melinda May's team that was assigned to protect Raina from the wrath of Daniel Whitehall in Vancouver. Full name Both Triplett and Simmons express concerns that Coulson might be following a false lead. Coulson explained that the button was one part of an EMP generator that would be used to blackout the Kaena Point Air Force Base, a satellite relaying station that was too hard to infiltrate. After the mission was over, the two agents left with Quinn for The Fridge. [8], Triplett and Leo Fitz worked together on making a 21st century version of the Howling Commando Gear.[9]. Triplett was stationed at a Philadelphia bus depot to capture Grant Ward when Ward escaped federal custody. After Ian Quinn is arrested, Agents Garrett and Triplett board the Bus to take him into their custody. It took Jemma Simmons to convince Coulson; even then, he did so, reluctantly. He then showed Fitz and Coulson how to save Triplett, allowing him to escape. Triplett and the other field agents discussed with Director Coulson what Creel's motives might be after he caused the death of a waitress.

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