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First Officer Susanto had 4,200 total flying hours and he had almost 1,000 hours logged as a Boeing 737 first officer. On 21 January, the flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR), colloquially called black boxes, were located off the coast of West Sulawesi by the U.S. vessel Mary Sears.

All 387 aircraft, which served 8,600 flights per week for 59 airlines, were barred from service by March 18, 2019. [65] [11] :54, On 25 March 2008, the inquiry ruled that pilot error and a faulty navigation device were to blame. [50], The aircraft's right horizontal stabiliser was found by a fisherman, south of Pare Pare, about 300 m (980 ft) off the beach on 11 January, [51] although it was not originally handed in, as its discoverer thought it to be a piece of plywood, only later realising it was a piece of the tail. This accident also weakened Adam Air's image, which at the time was already negative among the public because of their frequent breakdowns and delays. From Wikinews, the free news source you can write!

Template:Aviation accidents and incidents in 2007. On 21 February 2007, just 51 days after the loss of Flight 574, Flight 172, an Adam Air Boeing 737-300 aircraft (registration PK-KKV) flying from Jakarta to Surabaya had a hard landing at Juanda International Airport.

A final report released today by the Indonesian National Transport Safety Committee found that Adam Air Flight 574 crashed because the pilots were distracted by …

[77] The black boxes were sent to Washington for analysis, there was fear that the recovery efforts could fail due to data destruction caused by the long submersion.

This debris was analyzed to confirm it belongs to the 737. [39] However, the rugged terrain coupled with thick and low hanging clouds continued to hamper the search efforts, and three relatives of missing passengers who overflew part of the area on a military reconnaissance plane admitted that the chances of finding the plane were slim. Sayogo said today that in the three months preceding the accident the airline had registered 154 defects in PK-KKW's navigational equipment. On 29 October 2018, the Boeing 737 MAX operating the route crashed into the Java Sea 13 minutes after takeoff, killing all 189 passengers and crew. [9] The Surabaya airport duty manager said that there were no technical problems with the aircraft prior to departure. [115][116] The recording, which had been publicly distributed through chain e-mails, begins with what is believed by some to be a conversation between pilot Refi Agustian Widodo and copilot Yoga Susanto before the crash. It discovered a large amount of wreckage in the area, which is now considered to be all that remains of the aircraft. He cited problems such as poor visibility and strong currents making it difficult to recover the devices without the signal.

[100], It was reported on 28 June 2007, that Adam Air would escape closure and had been upgraded one rank in safety rating, to the middle tier. The company currently operates from several main bases across the Indonesian archipelago. In 2006 another B737 suffered a navigational problem and flew into a radar blackspot, leaving it lost for several hours before performing an emergency landing hundreds of miles from the intended destination. The crash, coupled with Adam Air Flight 172, which snapped in half during a hard landing, and Garuda Indonesia Flight 200, which overshot the runway in Yogyakarta, killing 21, prompted the European Union to add all Indonesia's airlines to the list of air carriers banned in the EU. SilkAir Flight 185 was a scheduled SilkAir passenger flight operated by a Boeing 737-300 from Jakarta, Indonesia to Singapore that crashed into the Musi River near Palembang in southern Sumatra, on 19 December 1997, killing all 97 passengers and seven crew on board.

Adam Air has reportedly bullied pilots to fly planes they knew were unsafe. On March 11, the Civil Aviation Administration of China ordered the first nationwide grounding, followed by most other aviation authorities in quick succession. It is not yet known if this is significant to the accident, but it may indicate navigational error, or an emergency turn-around of the aircraft. [96] Indonesia also introduced a new system of ranking airlines according to their safety record, with a level one ranking meaning the airline has no serious issues, a level two ranking meaning the airline must fix problems, and a level three ranking which may force the airline to shut down. Ethiopian Airlines immediately grounded its remaining MAX fleet.

Due to the depth involved, recovery required an underwater remotely operated vehicle, but Indonesia did not have such equipment. [40] Officials said that it was unlikely any bodies have survived in one piece. Indonesia continued to seek help from other countries, like France and Japan. [93].

[102] Although this was in response to a large number of aircraft accidents, it was mainly in response to this accident and the Flight 172 incident.

[81] Efforts continued with the hope of recovering various large pieces of wreckage from the seabed. [52] The total count of recovered objects associated with aircraft, as of 29 January, was 206, of which 194 were definitely from the 737. [49] A total of twelve Indonesian Navy ships were deployed in the area, including the KRI Ajak, KRI Leuser and KRI Nala. [26] One Boeing 737–200 Surveiller (a military surveillance plane), two infrared-equipped Fokker-50 aircraft from the Republic of Singapore Air Force,[27][28] a Navy Nomad plane and six helicopters were amongst many vehicles dispatched to aid searching for the missing plane from the air. National Transportation Safety Committee head Tatang Kurniadi told a press conference "This accident resulted from a combination of factors including the failure of the pilots to adequately monitor the flight instruments, especially in the last two minutes of the flight. [52] It is unclear whether the 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) long section is a section of the right wing or the left wing, although it was examined in an attempt to discover this. [29], Naval ships combed the Makassar Strait while military personnel went through jungles and mountains of Sulawesi. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [71] The black boxes were sent to Washington, D.C. for analysis. So when, my friend told me that the black box recording was everywhere on the net and even being played at the TV, I … The airlines that lost their licences were Jatayu Gelang Sejahtera, Aviasi Upataraksa, Alfa Trans Dirgantara, and Prodexim. [41] The flight data recorder was located at 03°41′02″S118°08′53″E / 3.68389°S 118.14806°E / -3.68389; 118.14806 at a depth of 2,000 m (6,600 ft), while the cockpit voice recorder was located at 03°40′22″S118°09′16″E / 3.67278°S 118.15444°E / -3.67278; 118.15444 at a depth of 1,900 m (6,200 ft), [58] approximately 1.4 km (0.87 mi; 0.76 nmi) apart. Another possibility proposed by the families of some of the deceased is that the crash was due to a faulty rudder valve, known to have caused previous accidents and incidents on Boeing 737s. Investigators quickly became concerned about apparent poor maintenance and believe it may have played an important factor in the accident. The highest number of complaints concerned the captain's side vertical speed indicator, which informs the air crew of the rate (in feet per minute) at which the aircraft is ascending or descending. The loss of the budget carrier's Boeing 737 into the sea near Sulawesi on New Year's Day 2007 left all 102 on board missing and presumed dead. This is the highest death toll of any aviation accident involving a Boeing 737-400. Airliner accidents and incidents caused by weather, Aviation accidents and incidents in Indonesia, Accidents and incidents involving the Boeing 737, Adam Air Plane Trail Found in Parepare Bay, Indonesian airline hit with lawsuit over crash, Indonesian airline to give US$55,000 to relatives of crash victims, All 54 Indonesian airlines told to raise safety standards, Safety concerns ground 9 Indonesian airlines, Detikcom: Rekaman Adam Air Dari Cockpit Bukan ATC, Jakarta Post: Adam Air recording 'not original', PUBLIC RELEASE OF FINAL REPORT – PK-KKW - FL DHI 574, PEMBUKAAN PUBLIC RELEASE PK-KKW TGL 25 MARET 200, The plane's passenger list (excluding the air crew but including the technician), News link with photograph of a piece of recovered wreckage, alternate map of the planned route, January 15 news conference article, with picture of more of the recovered debris, The fateful final minutes of the allegedly false cockpit voice recording, including screams, The official accident investigation report by Indonesia NTSC, Template:Aviation accidents and incidents in 2007,, Previous Registrations: YU-AOO, EI-CXH, N112TR, G-BNNL. [108], It was reported on 28 June 2007, that Adam Air would escape closure and has been upgraded one rank in safety rating, to the middle tier. [1] [81] While cruising at 35,000 feet (11,000 m), the pilots became preoccupied with troubleshooting the aircraft's two inertial reference systems (IRS), part of the navigation system. [48] It is unclear whether the 1.5-metre (4 ft 11 in) long section was a section of the right wing or the left wing, although it was examined in an attempt to discover this. [71], On 25 March 2008, the inquiry ruled that pilot error and a faulty navigation device downed the airliner.

All 102 people on board died, making it the deadliest aviation The Indonesian government announced plans immediately after the accident to ban jets over ten years old for any commercial purpose.

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