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It’s something we’re sensitive to, but not everyone would find it bothersome.We also observed the film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. At 120Hz, above, the UFO appears significantly narrower with clearer internal detailing. You’ll also notice ‘G-SYNC Compatible’ listed under ‘Monitor Technology’ in this section, as shown below. Overall, this is a competent gaming monitor, offering a pleasing mixture of colour quality and responsiveness. And most users will prefer this more generally. Coupled with a low level of input lag, the ‘connected feel’ and perceived blur levels were as you’d hope from a solid 144Hz performer. This is really just a digital brightness slider, so you lose contrast by adjusting it. This is the lowest level of certification that VESA certifies for and therefore means that only a basic HDR experience is offered. From these values, static contrast ratios were calculated. There is generally less ‘powdery’ trailing than with the 24G2U reference for all background rows here. And most users will prefer this more generally.

We also observed movie content at a range of frame rates, including ~24 – 30fps and 60fps content. The Predator offers superior pixel responsiveness, surprisingly TN-like at 144Hz with its ‘Normal’ pixel overdrive setting.

This meant that even for predominantly darks scenes the black depth was as high as it would be under SDR with a high brightness level set, giving a ‘flooded’ look. Without FreeSync active, these dips caused obvious tearing if VSync was disabled or obvious stuttering if VSync was enabled. A DeltaE >3 represents significant deviation that most users could readily notice by eye. With frame rates now in the double digits, the loss of ‘connected feel’ and decrease in perceived blur was certainly noticeable when compared to those nice high frame rates. Brighter elements appeared somewhat grainy, more so than on the AOC 24G2(U) for example, but less so than on models with heavy ‘smeary’ graininess. Where possible, these links will automatically direct you to your nearest store. The AOC reference shows weaker trailing (or strobe crosstalk, if you prefer) than the Acer and is free from overshoot. You can easily save and recall a given ‘Over Drive’ state under Adaptive-Sync by using the ‘G1’, ‘G2’ and ‘G3’ preset modes of the monitor. Not a dramatic difference, though. Even at 85Hz and comparing to 144Hz with VRB disabled. Using this method, we calculated 3.35ms (under ½ a frame at 144Hz) of input lag. So it’s good that there isn’t clear strobe crosstalk there – just overshoot that’s quite distinct from and fainter than the main object.

This model certainly didn’t deliver an excellent ‘cinematic’ look or impressive depth and atmosphere. This can be set between ‘50%’ (maximum effect) and ‘80%’ (minimum effect) in increments of 10%. The representation of shades in this image depends on the camera and your own screen, it’s not designed to show exactly how the shades appear in person.

On the plus side, the gamma consistency was excellent. There is a list of GPUs which support the technology, The Acer supports a variable refresh rate range of. The images below show the monitor running with VRB set to 120Hz. It’s possible these sort of gamma changes are common under HDR, but they’re usually accompanied by backlight brightness changes which make them seem more natural and in-place.

Most users will probably wish to enable VSync when using FreeSync to ensure that they don’t get any tearing. With graphics settings set nice and low we were often close to 144fps, with some dips just a little below, perhaps to around 130fps or so. This is very different to the artificial or flooded appearance that some sort of gamma tweak would achieve. Juni in Monitore. Compared to a 60Hz monitor (or this monitor running at 60Hz), the monitor is outputting over twice as much visual information every second. It’s well built, feature-rich and importantly performs well without any deal-breaking weaknesses.The bottom line; a capable, highly responsive and well-tuned monitor with rich and natural colour output. VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification, the lowest level that VESA certifies for. Overall, this is a competent gaming monitor, offering a pleasing mixture of colour quality and responsiveness. This second factor usually dominates on modern monitors, although both are important.

We tested this setting using various game titles, but for simplicity we’ll simply be focusing on Battlefield V running at a solid 120fps and monitor set to 120Hz for this section. If you want to view HDR movies on a compatible web browser, for example, you’d also need to activate the ‘Stream HDR Video’ setting. Just be aware that if you do then then make manual adjustments to ‘Color Temp.’ afterwards, with what becomes the ‘User’ preset, you’d have to set up the ‘G3 – Sports’ preset again. If perceived gamma is too low, particularly noticeable lower down on TN models, these artifacts are brought out quite strongly and give a ‘blocky’ or ‘banded’ appearance. The poor colour gamut by HDR standards meant that there weren’t some of those elements of real vibrant pop that can sometimes be offered over HDR. Finally, remember that you can activate the ‘Refresh Rate Num’ setting in the ‘Gaming’ section of the OSD to display the current refresh rate of the monitor. The following observations were made from a normal viewing position, eyes ~70cm from the screen. 2020.

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