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You will need to complete an IQ test and a video-questionnaire. Collection and collections both are the part of Java Collection Framework, but the primary differences between both are given below: The Diamond problem occurs in multiple inheritance, but Java does not allow multiple inheritance. Expert trainer Hidayath Khan offers advice on how to be culture-savvy, be aware of unconscious bias and work effectively in cross-cultural teams. Accenture is one of the global leading professional services and management consulting company. But they can actually be a fun exercise in practicing your communication skills and finding out if you really belong with the company. See how we embrace the power of change to create value and shared success for our clients, people, shareholders, partners and communities. I would like to ask anyone who has done this interview or any business case study interview for any role at Accenture the following questions. The malloc() function is faster than calloc() function for memory allocation. So in this question, the interviewer just want to know whether you know about the company and about your role in that company. Hence, S.P= 500+125= Rs.625. Error: error: class Simple inherits unrelated defaults for m1() from types InterfaceA and InterfaceB. HR round is the last round of the Accenture recruitment process. How much loyal will you be for the company? The members of the class are accessed as private by default whereas members of the structure are accessed public by default. In C++ programming language the main() function is the entry point of that program. Since C worked for 3 days hence C's share will be= (3/24)*4500 = Rs.575.

Below is the example to show the access specifier in C++.

It mainly focuses on the flow of the program rather than the data. • What is it that interests you most about this job? A list of the top most asked HR question with examples: If we say "The first impression is the last impression" then it will the perfect fit for this question.

Are you sure you want to replace it? All rights reserved. Selling price= Cost price+ gain Here’s advice from Fast Company on how to answer six tricky interview questions honestly and impressively. It was all a very fast process, they gave you 2-3 days for each stage. This question should be answered in some tricky way. So you can answer this question with some tricks. There are some points you need to mention while answering this question: This is one of the challenging questions of the interview, but it can also open the door for the selection in that interview process. One most common asked interview question is that how to deal with work pressure? also had technical questions based on my projects. 75 Minutes, Included Behavioral and quantitative. The malloc() allocates a single block of memory whereas calloc() allocates multiple blocks of memory. Select Careers Blog on the registration form. • What is the biggest problem you have faced in your career so far? In the Java language, we can create our package and can specify the classes. A friend() function in C++ is a function which can access private and protected members of another class in which it is declared as a friend. Find your next opportunity with our team. There are various types of job where you need to relocate yourself from your residence to any other place according to job location. The campus recruiter couldn’t tell me if there would be a position in the city for which I applied, because it’s more focused on finance so she couldn’t give me a lot of info about the recruitment process. In the cold backup, all the files are copied without risk of any change. Die aktuelle Krise ist daher auch eine unvergleichbare Chance, alles auf den Pr�fstand zu stellen und die Zukunft der Arbeit neu zu denken: We're really proud of the people who work at Accenture. =48 days, Explanation: The 'this' keyword cannot be used as an identifier as it is a reserved keyword in Java.

This article will tell you what to expect during the interview process for management and IT consulting jobs, give you advice on how to prepare, and give you specific pieces of info such as interview questions and actual Accenture tests that you can practice on. Managing Director Joe Depa is honoring his late daughter’s legacy and helping find a cure for childhood cancer at Accenture. I interviewed at Accenture in September 2020.

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