a raisin in the sun internal and external conflicts act 1

She is the typical changed college student, whose opinions were the most contrasting compared to her mother. The two topics that relate to this character’s dream are family and home.

Drying a grape under the sun will make the fruit last longer; like a raisin, Mama’s dream lived on and remained sweet until the end.

Walter Lee Younger wanted many desires in his life and tried to seek every financial chance. In one word, Lena is selfless.

Considering the fate of their lifestyle depended on whoever Mama chooses, this dilemma also affects the family. Walter Lee Younger—Mama’s only son—is the “man” of the family, whose stubbornness might have blinded him from seeing possible consequences. A Raisin in the Sun Essay Undergoing the obstructions of pursuing a desired dream mentally and emotionally transforms the person within. describe how Walter’s dream waits for the opportunity and the right time to be executed. He was too blinded by his ignorance and gave had a lot of confidence in someone Walter barely worked with.

Mama was still confident about transferring to the new house until Willy Harris stole the rest of the insurance money she entrusted to Walter. He wanted to improve his career as a car driver and become a business man, which enables Walter to provide more for his family.
He doesn’t treat his wife with respect and says rude things to her, even his own mother. Walter attempted to restore the problem by selling the house in Clybourne at a higher price to Karl Linder, but he changed his mind when Travis—ecstatic about the move—was present during his negotiation with Linder. The external conflicts, however, is what restored their family back to the order. But George was just drawn to her looks and believes that women are only good for house wives. Blog.

[word count: 2, 546]. No one has time to read them all, but it’s important to go over them at least briefly. Beneatha wanted be able to create with her hands and save lives by being a doctor. Oct. 17, 2020. Two topics that relate to the character’s dreams are education and culture. Since Walter normally starts conflicts, Ruth is there to calm him, try to keep peace in the house. Hearing the white people talk about investments and finance, Walter gets inspired in becoming an entrepreneur himself.

Mama finally gave in and let Walter have more than half of the insurance money—sixty-five hundred dollars. The discrimination and segregation gives Beneatha the disadvantage of pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor. As a mediator, she’s the most reasonable, wanting to talk about things and resolve conflicts. Asagai respects Beneatha’s intellectual opinions and even nicknamed her “Aliayo.

Later on, Asagai offers to take Beneatha with him to Africa where she could be a doctor and the girl says yes. Mama also believed in the significance of family and how they all must stand together to remain strong. Mama divides the ten thousand dollars—giving part of it to Walter’s business and Beneatha’s tuition and buying a house.

The quote. These circumstances show Walter’s weakness in thinking through plans. Lena Younger, known as “Mama,” is a devoted follower of God and demonstrated her strong faith throughout the play. Asagai proposes to Beneatha and offering her to become a nurse in Africa, which she couldn’t bear to resist. Ruth and Walter’s marriage was collapsing. freebooksummary.com © 2016 - 2020 All Rights Reserved. When Mama refused to hand him the money, he went drinking for three days without going to work. Proving how strongly religious she is, Mama slaps Beneatha after Beneatha proclaimed that there is no God. The members of the Younger family separately evolve to a better being. However, Walter returned home with an agreement with Karl Linder; they were to negotiate on the price of returning the house. Three of the Youngers have shown determination in seeking their own ambition that not only benefitted themselves, but also enhanced the family’s welfare. During the play, she shares to the family her exposure to new involvements, such as horseback riding, guitar lessons, and feminist movements. The Younger family’s chances of being slightly financially advantaged were destroyed. In order to accomplish his dream, Walter must be financially able in starting a business. By saying yes, she was able to assure that her dream of being able to save lives and finding her true identity would come to reality.

Since it was hers, the pressure of judging who gets to be bestowed upon the check was put to Mama’s shoulders. When Walter was at his lowest, Beneatha said that there was nothing left to love about him. She wanted to gain experiences and to be exposed of rational ideas.

Walter was friendly towards his sister, hugs his mother, and even takes his wife on a date.

Beneatha wanted to use it to pay for her medical school tuition while Walter desires investing the money on a liquor store. The fate of the Younger family was laid upon his hands, but the thing that supposed to change their lives slipped from Walter’s finger tips the moment he held it. Putting aside his dream in becoming a business man, Walter called off the deal and chose upon keeping the new house in order to have a chance of having a fresh start. Lena Younger, or “Mama,” is almost like a leader to the Younger family, for she is the one who looks after everyone. Beneatha Younger yearned to discover her true individuality and turn into a doctor.

The other members of the Youngers give high respect to Mama, and they think that she knows what’s best for the family. The battles fought in trying to accomplish a dream leaves scars that either develops a person’s well-being, or stabilizes their self. She argues to herself on how her children’s motive will benefit the whole family. A Raisin in the Sun Act 2 He also wants to give Travis the opportunity in becoming whoever his son wants. Lena cunningly made Walter make his final decision while Travis was in the room, which made the father let the family to keep the house. Mama, however, claimed that a man should not be loved when he has, “done good and made things easy for everybody,”, - William Shakespeare, A Raisin in the Sun Characters. Women and the African Americans at the time were looked down upon by men not were not given the chance to be heard. The only time he showed excitement was when the check has been delivered. Beneatha believes more in the evolution of man than the parables of the Bible. A Raisin in the Sun Essay Undergoing the obstructions of pursuing a desired dream mentally and emotionally transforms the person within. Or would she want to live a life discovering things that are still alien to her with Asagai? His reaction made Mama kick him out of the house.

Mama aspires to fulfill the wish she and her deceased husband made of walking on their own floors and maintaining a flourishing backyard.

Her cute appearance is what attracted Asagai and George to be interested in her. In a single word, Beneatha is opinionated. The cruelty Walter shows was probably an effect of how he loathes his life. Mama is finally settled while Ruth develops a stronger love for her husband. pertains to Lena’s dream. This driving force led him to making hasty choices, such as handing out the sixty-five hundred dollars to his slick business owner. Everyone, besides Mama, started losing the idea of the true meaning family. Walter’s external conflict, person vs. fate, was when he wanted to alter his life as a chauffeur or driver and become a business man. Lena is a devoted mother, who bases her decisions on what benefits the family. Luckily, FreeBookSummary offers study guides on over 1000 top books from students’ curricula! Beneatha is the most educated out of all the members in the Younger family. The racial differences prevented the association from welcoming the family to the community, endangering them of discrimination. The quote from Dream Deferred, “Does is dry up like a raisin in the sun,”. Mama taught the two siblings the values of life, about how to love each other in their darkest times and that family and God always comes first. She also dreamed uncovering the mysteries of the African culture.

If Walter receives the money, then the Youngers would have to rely on the profit the liquor store makes without guarantee that the business will be a success or not. Topics: Character Analysis, Conflict, Essay. The path of her future depended on who she chose.

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