a new england nun realism

20, No. Thesis: Reis argues that through reading about the colonial Puritan 's conception of sin and Satan, readers will expand their "cultural and historical understanding of how people act on their religious belief...and how those religiously informed actions both reflect and prescribe their own particular gender arrangements, often to the detriment of women (10)." Although Louisa’s emotion when Joe Dagget comes home is “consternation,” she does not at first admit it to herself. Louisa, however, has become used to her simple single life and does not know what to do with this large male who seems always to be disturbing the order of her life. Louisa keeps him chained because “she pictured to herself Caesar on the rampage. A prolific writer, Freeman published her second collection—A New England Nun and Other Stories — only four years later. In Gray’s poem, written in the eighteenth century, the speaker wonders if the rural churchyard might contain the remains of people who had great talents that became stunted or went unrealized and unrecognized because of poverty, ignorance and lack of opportunity. She is not, however, completely without volition. As she is sitting on a wall and looking at the moon shining through a large tree, she overhears Joe and Lily talking nearby. The story focuses on what she stands to lose, and on what she gains by her rejection. The dog is not crucial to the plot, but brings insight into the internal affairs of the Ellis home. He has already announced his intention to free Caesar, Louisa’s old dog, who has been chained up ever since he bit someone while still a puppy. Realism, as a literary movement, began in America following the Civil War. Born: New York City, 20 December 1911. Why and for whom did Charles Dickens write A Christmas Carol? Already a member? It is late afternoon and the light is waning. The emphasis is not on the impact nature has on the humans, nor the humans upon nature. ."

Even if it makes them unhappy, Louisa and Joe both feel obligated to go through with their marriage because of a sense of duty. Within such a narrow prescription for socially acceptable behavior, “much had happened” even though Joe Dagget, when he returns, finds Louisa “changed but little.” “Greatest happening of all—a subtle happening which both were too simple to understand—Louisa’s feet had turned into a path, smooth maybe under a calm, serene sky, but so straight and unswerving that it could only meet a check at her grave, so narrow that there was no room for any one at her side.” In appearing to accept her long wait, she has actually made a turn away from the “old winds of romance” which had “never more than murmured” for her anyway. She will not give up her cared-for home for Joe’s disorderly one, and she will not have children or experience passion.

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