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Mirror post if you can’t access mega! (Purchased and licensed, more to come when other days are completely revamped!

Days 1-3 Revamp! Fixed graphic glitch with Sayori at Beginning of Day 9. You thought it was a normal DDLC mod, but it was me, Dio/Dadsuki! There will be a point to that. I strongly recommend playing through ALL of the days as you may find other new tidbits in each of them! I wanted to clean up some things before I continued on new days. ). Working with what I have so bear with me! and more! I was on a business trip and forgot to update this! However, he keeps feeling that sense of deja vu… He soon discovers the girls’ secret problems, and like the helpful person he is, heroically saves them all from whatever issues they have. We can’t provide you the mod you’re looking because it has been removed.

It's not going to be the same. thx for working so hard tho :) 1 year anniversay dear god. (You will see it morning of day 10!) Added more better stuff for Monika's portion, enjoy! Just overwrite the files with the new ones! hide. That’s not all there is to this story. Only up to day 10! As the Modding arm, we aim to produce only the best content pursuant to the IP Guidelines found here: http://teamsalvato.com/ip-guidelines/ As beyond the darkness there will always be shining light! I cracked up when Knuckles said "Oh No" on Friday. Day 9 has 1 sound effect at Natsuki's house for added mood. I learned something new! Aw man, I misread the title as "day 23" and thought there were 12 more days. Time to be a hero. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. We dont deserve this hero.

Press J to jump to the feed. It is advised that you have finished the game at least once, before subscribing as all mods must assume post-game content. Just for the sake of the people I decided to release the revamp of day 1 of the mod. Good luck with that. Just played through the three days and very much liking what I am seeing. As the Modding arm, we aim to produce only the best content pursuant to the IP Guidelines found here: http://teamsalvato.com/ip-guidelines/ If you save, you should be able to continue where you left off. There are a total of 11 days with a 12th day in the works. There’s something even bigger happening behind the scenes that may cost them their lives! Fixed some grammar and spelling errors in earlier chapters. Added corrected poses thanks to GamerGeekLXXV! Did grammar fixes and spelling fixes (ongoing) Added additional casual Monika graphic to day 11. Сможет ли он действительно спасти их всех? I have to put out a special thank you for day 4 when Monika and Sayori think you are trying to woo them and then when the dialog box "oh no" pops up, it plays Knuckles saying "oh no" from Sonic Adventure.. That caught me so off guard, I straight up burst out laughing. A Brand New Day is a fanmade mod of Doki Doki Literature Club, created by Phathom on Twitter. ), Deaths 2.0! I need a break! A Brand New Day. Death 2.0! I couldn't find it anywhere so I decided to share the one I decrypted. He's been making posts on a different website but there locked the last one was 4 days ago about the progress that he's at. Still more to come! bit.ly/2RDOu08 Feedback is always appreciated! is now available to everyone! We all have been hard at work since the last release! We all have been hard at work since the last release!

Like stated. Thanks to all involved with this project! (Day is halfway complete!). If you’re part of the DDLC community in any way, please read this message: READ MORE. (I've been working on this constantly, this mod is no way dead!). (I’ve been working on this constantly, this mod is no way dead! The mod is still in progress. A Brand New Day: Days 2-3 Revamped! Thank you for the Reddit Gold! I'm still working on it. Revised some dialog in Day 8! Day 10 Begins! Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Added some new faces for Yuri. If you check my twitter @phathom, you will find teasers and such on there. bit.ly/ABND0526192. Day 9 is complete! ), MC has been tweaked in all the days, so there should not be anymore misunderstandings. Think of it as a what if. Sayori forçou o nosso protagonista a se juntar ao Clube de Literatura. Added better KO animation! (Purchased and licensed, more to come when other days are completely revamped! Notes: Forgot to add Yuri's poem for Day 11! 100% Upvoted. Added Yandere Yuri in casual clothing! Wine anyone? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Author of Return To The Portrait and MC's Revenge, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3qW47gYeiKWnE5sn0eBWkkPfLgokG73t, https://mega.nz/#!A59RgCLR!2jzsNKYUpoCa6q_FQl673-ZWxpYvcEx9-vTdiUjv0jU, https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NLH1tK1zUiL7Kkzv5kbQt0rfpJ5O1Dbv. Wanna share your experience with like-minded players? lots of added material! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv53WvhuZxE. Day 10 will mark a big change! Rewrote some stuff!

Lots of grammar corrections and spelling corrections! Have fun! Day 11 is 90% done.

Natsuki/Sayori poems fixed for day 11. Thanks! Sort … Demo will have minor fixes, but major will be held for final release!) Due to popular downloads I made a mirror!

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Cleaned up some minor issues. Ele conseguirá salvar verdadeiramente todas elas? ), https://mega.nz/#!ZgVTDSID!78vW2ljOA6dNtH6PUV35whzkrUzzESmQzw2dbQcOqm0, https://1drv.ms/u/s!Au3H7JSX4AVdg48B3fFUV6yVmNk-0A, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Za0SRPxBPDTVMggC-rlUmAFNlXpIAoY/view?usp=sharing, Here is our discord channel! Happy 1 year Anniversary of A Brand New Day (Actually past it) and Merry Christmas! Anyone know when DDLC: A Brand New Day full release will come out? teasers have been shown by artists and my twitter! If anyone else has questions, I'm more than happy to converse with them. Ending shows more to come to cause less confusion and delay! more minor changes! Progress claims to be made, but if development hell was in the dictionary, ABND would be its definition tbh. ;). ;). Bad ending for Natsuki also in place! Тем не менее, он продолжает ощущать чувство дежавю… Вскоре он раскроет тайные проблемы девочек, и, как всегда помогающий им человек, он героически спасает их всех от всяческих проблем, которые у них происходят. lots of added material! Grammar fixes (Oops! This Mod is still alive! You will only have to do this only this one time! rewrote some stuff! Day 11 will be final day for beta/demo. Instructions: Only download the latest package. Death 2.0! : https://soundcloud.com/user-813880906/you-dokid-in-the-wrong-neighborhood-ver-2, You can download a copy here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9296iklkfbootf7/You%20Dokid%20in%20the%20Wrong%20Neighborhood.mp3?dl=0, Version 2.0 song: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n68cehyry8auni0/You%20Dokid%20in%20the%20Wrong%20Neighborhood%20version%202.mp3?dl=0, I'm still trying to figure out how to improve the song as I have no skills in audio editing or music making.

За сценой происходит кое-что ещё большее, что может стоить им их жизней! You do not need to download older betas. Days 2-3 have been overhauled! (Demo has 11 days. Possible issue when uploading? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. No entanto, ele continua sentindo essa sensação de déjà vu… Ele logo descobre os problemas secretos das garotas e, como a pessoa prestativa que ele é, heroicamente ele as salva de todos os problemas que tiveram. Fixed his size as well! *Steam game example folder location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Doki Doki Literature Club\game*, *Downloaded game example location: C:\DDLC-1.1.0-pc\game*. Save them all. Just finished the current newest release but that was over a year ago.

Monika and Natsuki yet to come in future updates! Added punch sound and door banging sound. People asked, now you can support me at Patreon! Everyone knows the MC is a denser than a black hole. As I just returned from a trip, work has resumed! It’s a revamp of days 1-3. ), Days 1-7 are complete! English. It’s a full release of a demo. I just played it, this mod is very, very nice, the writing is pretty good.

(Check her date for some added fun!) Genre(s): Comedy ‏‏‎ | ‏‏‎ Drama. That was so good bro, those revamps are perfect! (Minor Update 5-26-2019! . There are some changes in dialogue and facial expressions, as well as more expressions in dialogues as well. There are new CGs, backgrounds, character sprites (among them, Monika's casual outfit), poses, facial expressions, sounds and many more.

DISCLAIMER: The original author(s) of this mod may differ from the author(s) of its mobile port(s). Patch notes: Thank you for the beta team, /u/MarKreations and the many others for working with me on getting this done so far! State of ABND (A Brand New Day) People may have heard about the tons of drama that was happening on the discord server. (I have artists on board! I strongly recommend playing through ALL of the days as you may find other new tidbits in each of them! New Backgrounds! Length: Long. CG (Art by Ryuse, GutsGirl, LorCreations, Potriopis & Dottsybox! bit.ly/ABND052619. (He was too big! I strongly recommend playing through ALL of the days as you may find other new tidbits in each of them! Enjoy!

Join our Discord community by clicking. Rescue event starts! ), Reuploaded Beta 7 since some people were encountering strange issue with characters overlapping on event at end of the day. Run DDLC and have fun! Have fun! A TheRunawayGuys (or Game Grumps) joke in a Doki Doki mod. Finished Day 11. Added some new character poses but only partially implemented in day 9!

Enjoy going to school with 2 girls now! Try the date with Monika and Sayori again, you'll be in for a shock! Let me know if you like song 1.0 or 2.0 more! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Added some backgrounds! Restructuring of rpyc files!

Added new Natsuki face! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfXiavM3wlw&list=PL3qW47gYeiKWnE5sn0eBWkkPfLgokG73t&index=2, I made a song: https://soundcloud.com/user-813880906/you-dokid-in-the-wrong-neighborhood, Version 2.0 of the song! Every so often a teaser will be shown of a new asset or whatever, but that's about it. Here's a long play of the game for anyone interested! Yay! Mod submission form; Video submission form; About us; Mods. How to install A Brand New Day: https://youtu.be/EZ55SuU7R18, (02/06/2018) Version 1.0 Demo is Out!

Backgrounds corrected and Some Dadsuki 2.0 Art Added! Please note that by playing the mobile port you may not get the same experience as the original author(s) intended. The developer had to go through some personal problems which affect the making of the mod. Do not be discouraged! It is still in production. I'm not sure if I replied to you before! Can you tell me why in the file, there's no day 1 or 12? Happy 1 year Anniversary of A Brand New Day (Actually past it) and Merry Christmas! Lost my shit. fixed and revised dialog with Monika and Yuri! The Festival! Added some darker scenes and dark class for the festival to match the story!

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