38 vs 9mm

But if you have your sights set on using the .38 Special round, you won’t be able to get a pistol. The .38 Special is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge by Smith & Wesson. If you decide on a pistol, then you’re more likely going to have a longer barrel than a snub nose revolver. Picked up a Taurus 692 recently which shoots both with easily switchable wheels.

This can be difficult for some people to master. In this review, we’ll reopen an age-old debate to find any distinguishing performance factors between the very popular 9mm and .38 Special rounds.

We’ll even go as far as trying to announce the best of the two – or at least our personal favorite. Has any one else tried this weapon or compared it to a 9mm? 9mm vs. .40 S&W is a real discussion because the two offer very different things in a guns that are externally identical, like the G19/G23. Well, at least for me, shot placement is center mass. The thing is, .38 Specials are almost exclusively used in revolvers, as well as some lever-action rifles. The mechanism is two-fold. Being extremely accurate at short distances, the 9 x19mm round performs admirably in defensive shootings as well as police works. In a gun battle, you really don’t want to be the one who runs out of ammo first.

Devised for sale to law enforcement forces in the 1920s, .38 Super was capable of penetrating body armor and automobiles of the time without much difficulty. If you have photos of small holes from full wadcutter bullets, by all means share them with us.

However, the 9mm’s case is approximately ⅜ inches shorter than the .38 Special. For Christmas this year, my husband got me a Taurus 357 and, no, it's not pink lol. But do you need that penetration for self-defense in a handgun?

But then again, will you realistically need all that ammo? Copyright ©

Generally speaking, .38 Super (tend to be labeled as .38 Super +P nowadays after the changes in pressure ratings) flies faster, flatter and hits harder than 9mm. If you happen to be a shooter that only desires solid, no-nonsense performance then you should choose the Luger round. It’s a potent enough round for self-defense, and we would rather opt for a .357 Magnum round if a revolver was on the cards. Nonetheless, the recoil of the Colt cartridge is still more controllable than .45 ACP so with some training, you could master .38 Super without having much difficulty.

Enjoyed the article very much, this is one of those questions I kick around all the time.

I would recommend buying a pistol chambered for .38 Super and fitting a 9mm barrel to it later for having the best of both worlds. Super Vel ammunition, like CorBon, are lighter grain-weight hot loads, booking it at faster velocities than factory standard loads and often loaded to +P pressure ratings. We mentioned that revolvers can be more reliable due to less moving parts and that they don’t rely on recoil. The barrel is too short and they just don’t develop enough velocity out of short barrels to expand like that. (Allowance for the heavier .38SPL bullets.) Revolvers can be loaded with speedloaders, but they aren’t nearly as fast and easy as magazines. Yes, bullet creep can happen, although I’ve not had it happen in my LCR without forcing it to happen. But what else do they have in common and what sets them apart?

In the case of .38 Super, the average shooters don’t exactly have plenty of choices. It can be nearly all things to all men. Join the bandwagon today! You listed one of these guns in your article… the Ruger LCR. Why did George Luger choose smokeless powder? You should be able to stock up on 9mm without having to spend a fortune in most of the cases. .38 Special vs 9mm: Guns There’s an old misconception the.38 Special is ideal for novices. After all, it started as a black powder cartridge, which meant that the MAP had to be kept low when it was loaded with smokeless powder to prevent failure in BP-era revolvers. Outdoor Life may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. The case heads of the snap cap rounds are slightly smaller than those of real brass. For years, all I have had is a small 22 that fits in the palm of my hand.

This could be a lifesaver in a dangerous and threatening situation.

I honestly expect those .38 Special full wadcutters to definitely outshine 9mm 147 grain hollowpoints. (Think of a water-jet cutter.) There’s only that extra grain to consider that the .38 Special can take on, which can cause more potent penetration on a target. Pick what’s best for you and get comfortable with it, be it a GLOCK 43 or a Smith & Wesson 642. However, load selection in the latter is crucial.

A factor that can make a projectile more effective is a heavier weight. With respect to seeing actual bullet wounds in people, I am happy to report that I have never seen any bullet wounds in person. If I’m correct, a 4 in.

More Guns.

The velocity varies according to barrel length and type of gun.A comparison of velocity of .38 Special bullets with different weight and type:A 9mm fires bullets with velocity ranging between 1200 and 1430 feet per second depending on the model.A comparison of velocity of 9mm bullets with different weight and type:

A disadvantage to automatics is that they can have more complicated stoppages that require both hands to clear. And then theres cylinder gap. Each of these calibers has an almost equal diameter with the 9mm measuring in at .355 inches and the .38 Special at 3.57 inches. Maybe then we can get some R&D in the wheel gun again!

Is the parent case the .9mm?

However, not a whole lot of folks do so anymore.

38SPL has max PSI of 17,000 while 9mm has max psi of 35,000. that’s about twice as much.

A good example of this is the Glock 19 Gen 4 9mm Pistol.

And we’re left with discussing the pros and cons of technology that hasn’t signficantly changed in 120 years. I think the .38 is outclassed on a broader scale by the 9mm, but it will never really be replaced in self-defense guns.

The .257 magnum? But during WWII to conserve lead, it was made using iron core jackets.

In a sense, this is true, if you’re talking about a … I took my daughter out to the range and we shot it with 9mm. We think that either of these rounds has the potential to be suitable for your needs.

I am going this weekend to shoot it and see how it feels. All excellent and truthful points. And even if you run out of ammo, you have the potential to very quickly load in a spare mag too. Cool, you’re looking at performance in a lab without any medium to hit, and most BBTI tests are just done by chopping down metal pipe.

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