17 hornet vs 22 hornet

The 22LR is a good choice for plinking and small game hunting within the range of 75 yards. Today we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of 17 HMR vs 22 LR. Just cause they are yotes they deserve the same respect as any game animal. G.L. On the other hand, 17 HMR does not have so many sales and that is where it falls in comparison with 22 LR.
As discussed in the earlier section, 17HMR is worth the price but in the case of plinking it totally depends on your preference. These were all witnessed by friends. I'd pick the .22 Hornet, keep the shots inside 150 yds., and still watch shot placement. www.gunsamerica.com That is probably the biggest drawback here. We've got you covered.• 7mm RUM vs. .300 RUM• .308 Winchester vs. 7mm-08 Remington• 6.5 Creedmoor vs. .260 Remington• .303 British vs. 8x57 Mauser• .30-06 Springfield vs. All Other .30s• .17 HMR vs. .17 WSM• .450 Nitro Express vs. .470 Nitro Express• 350 Legend vs. .35 Remington• .280 Ackley Improved vs. 7mm Rem.

The 17 Hornet is 700 fps faster so should work farther. The Best Long Range Scope Under $1000: Reviews (2019 Recommendations), Photo By Mikehelms [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons. Alright guys I know there are a lot of you that have one or the other and some of you have both. The Official Predator Masters Search Engine. The problems with reloading are the poor brass you have with the .22 Hornet.

When searched online, the average cost of 17HMR is $15 per box containing 50 rounds, and it’s $5 per box in the case of 22LR. Ballistics Calculator by Hornady. I'd pick the .22 Hornet, keep the shots inside 150 yds., and still watch shot placement. Location: Peoples Republik of Kalifornia, Bay Area. That is why I have a 22-250. 17HMR rifles, on the other hand, are powerful but are a pain to clean because of the narrow barrel they come with.

You can get a CZ in Fireball!!! If you’re looking for meat, the 22LR is a great choice for hunting squirrels, rabbits and birds within 75 yards. Mag. Also, when looking at the trajectory chart we can agree that it makes more sense to compare 22 WMR to 17 HMR as they’re somewhat closer in stats. Try it once. I’m leaning towards the .17HMR.

Je rebondis sur ce forum suite au message de projektyle me faisant rappeller que j'ai une rem 700 vls en 22-250 qui dort dans un de mes coffres. Small bullets cannot kill big animals easily. 17 HMR was made by reducing .22 Magnum case in order to accept .17 caliber bullet. Thanks again for letting me join your forum. Owning a .17-caliber rifle comes with its own set of challenges (a specialty cleaning rod must be ordered, and it’s very easy to wedge a patch in the bore), but among the centerfire choices, including the .17 Fireball, I like the .17 Hornet. Col. Townsend Whelen and Capt. I have about a box of ammo through the 17 and about 4 in the 22 Hornet. ---- can I hear an "amen", Send a private message to william t. oviatt. In my way of thinking. J'ai une marlin en calibre 22 mag je l'aime bien je ne crois pas que je la changerais pour une 17 hm , j'aime bien vos commentaire. It has been serving for the purpose from the beginning, and the bullet is faster and more precise now. Créez un compte en quelques clics ou connectez-vous pour continuer. Less than paper thin necks on the .22 H and brass life sucks. I once took a PD at 1000 yards with my 25-06 when we used to shoot at the Rosebud (don't think my eyes are up to it now), also took a PD at 700 with a 222 at the same local. for "anchoring" coyotes, something a little bigger is the ticket. Thanks to its speed which makes it a better choice. The .17 Hornet rates as a genuine 250 metre varmint cartridge, however, the lighter bullet is more susceptible to crosswinds than a 55gn bullet out of a .22-250 or .220 Swift. Neither .17 or .22 Hornet make much noise, but you still need ear protection. Between the two, I find the .17 Hornet to be the more efficient, affordable and sensible choice. You will find the smallest commercial cartridges available are the .17-inch bores, and while they’ve been around exactly as long as I have, the shooting public seems to have an on-again-off-again relationship with the .17s. Mag.• .30-06 Springfield vs. .270 Winchester• 6.5 Creedmoor vs. 7mm-08 Remington• 8x57 Mauser vs. .318 Westley Richards• .358 Winchester vs. .350 Remington Magnum• .22-250 Remington vs. .220 Swift• .270 Winchester vs. .270 WSM• .26 Nosler vs. 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum• .458 Win.
Most people are aiming center of body which is not where the vitals are. Its effective range is somewhere around 100 yards while muzzle velocity stands at 1600 feet per second, Muzzle energy is 191 foot-pounds, but the ricochets still happen sometimes and that is a problem again. With .223 caliber, you can kill Coyotes, Wolves, and even deer in some cases. That was done with the intention to improve its ballistic capabilities. This 17 HMR rifle is an ideal solution for short-game hunting and those who are at the beginning of their hunting journey. That is a standard .22 projectile that has a very low price, and many love it because of that. I've not had a chance to shoot the Hornet at distances over 200 yet but that is coming. They are that much fun, easily my favorite. 17 HMR due to its high velocity makes much more noise than 22 LR, and they are overly loud. Check out this video to see a 22LR ricochet. If you've ever tried to reload 17 Hornet cartridges, Ron aka...Sir I already have a CZ 527 in 222, I own both 22 Hornets and 17 Hornets, both are a pain to reload but I sure do love the performance from my 17s I used to shoot more 22h just because factory ammo was available and that was easier than reloading for my 17 Ackley hornet but now with factory chambered and factory loaded ammo in 17HH I definetly shoot 17 more than my 22hornets.

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